Digital Transformation For Businesses With Innovation

BUSINESSES HAVE GONE DIGITAL. Today, we rely on digital solutions to remain relevant in this increasingly competitive market. Innovation has become the very core that will keep our businesses alive—keeping up with technologies is no longer a recommendation, but a requirement.

That’s why we formed the Innovation Agenda, so together, we can understand the questions surrounding innovation: What are the emerging trends that will change the workforce? How can innovation improve our business processes? What software solutions will keep our businesses afloat? Let’s discover the answers and journey together towards effective digital transformation.

Yours truly,

Scott Russell
President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan

Innovation is about creating a digital reality that can reach each and every one of our customers.

Scott Russell

President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan

Digitisation can accelerate growth for countries as it enables organisations to reach new markets, improves service delivery for citizens, and strengthens institutions.

Claus Andresen

President and Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia

Innovation is finding ways to do things faster, better, and simpler. It opens opportunities. It drives growth.

Liher Urbizu

Managing Director, SAP Indochina

Innovation must have a meaning. I think the true sense of innovation is value creation. If we can use technology to enable a wider part of the population to enjoy it, that’s when value creation happens.

Megawaty Khie

Vice President,
SAP SuccessFactors (Southeast Asia)

How do we collectively work towards the vision of a digital future? We need transformative innovations that can help businesses run better and improve people's lives.

Edler Panlilio

Managing Director, SAP Philippines

For me, innovation is going from zero to one with technology. It's the ability to come up with a new product, new process, or new technique.

Terrence Yong

Managing Director, SAP Malaysia

It's important to be aware of technologies that can drive your business forward. Innovation is the key to become agile and nimble in today's digital economy.

Khor Chern Chuen

Managing Director, SAP Singapore

Innovation is a process of change, a creation of ideas. It’s also continuous improvement. Whether you’re a corporation or SME, there’s this impulse to change. This is how you get ideas.

Elaine Liew

Vice President, Channels, Alliances and General Business, SAP Southeast Asia

Innovation is to think different, and act different. That’s simply a different approach, different value for agility to stay relevant, and create new industries.

Ash Lim

Vice President, SEA Marketing, SAP Southeast Asia