Innovation Insights

22 November 2018

Box-Office Superheroes: An Extraordinary Data Story

Wonder which superhero movie will rake in the biggest profits in the next two years? Just for fun: we’ve tried out some fortune-telling with SAP Analytics Cloud, and here’s what we’ve uncovered.

13 December 2017

Making The Smart Hospital A Reality

Improving patient outcomes is every hospital’s dream. Today, healthcare institutions are leveraging on big data to also enhance post-hospital care. Read this blog to know more.

Anytime, Anywhere Customer
6 October 2017

How to Reach the Anytime, Anywhere Customer

In our digital age, keeping up with mobile consumers means knowing their needs even before they do. Read this enlightening article to know how your business can ride the next wave of customer experience.

7 July 2017

Big Data Isn’t Scary

Welcome to the Age of Big Data. We only have to figure out its value for our companies and how can we leverage its multiple possibilities.