Meet the Future of Manufacturing

Engage with SAP Industry Experts at Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific - A Hannover Messe Event

16 - 18th October
Singapore EXPO (Hall 1 & 2)

Is Your Business Industry 4.0-Ready?

Manufacturing companies in the ASEAN region are primed for phenomenal growth, with IoT technology investments expected to reach US$15B by 2019. Stay ahead in this connected industry: Collaborate with SAP industry experts at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific, the region’s leading trade event for Industry 4.0. Discover the latest technologies for manufacturing, design and production and global supply chain—so you can start, scale, or sustain your transformation journey.

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Catch individual talks and panel sessions held across six major cities in Southeast Asia


Renata Janini Dohmen - Senior Vice President, Human Resources, SAP Asia Pacific Japan

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Avenish Demo v2


David Blockchain

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