Smart Factories: Driving Indonesia 4.0

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Industry 4.0 is here and Indonesia cannot fall behind.

The Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap is set to transform various industries for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Led by the Industry Ministry, this national agenda will see the implementation of key initiatives and technological advances such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

It will, expectedly, give rise to Smart Factories.

With the help of the government, Indonesian manufacturing companies are expected to transform their current production plants into the Factories of the Future to improve efficiencies and strengthen their competitiveness in the region. Legacy systems, lack of real-time visibility, and disconnected manufacturing—these will all soon be a thing of the past when manufacturers leverage Industry 4.0 technologies and move their digital transformation initiatives to the top of their agenda.

In the recently held Industrial-Transformation Asia Pacific event in Singapore, Matt Chan, Director for SAP Digital Supply Chain and Manufacturing, listed down the three essential elements of Smart Factories: “a single source of truth, real-time visibility, and integration of people, things, and processes.”

With the right technological solutions, expect Indonesian manufacturing companies to take their innovation to new heights, powering the economy further.

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