Game Changers

As we move ahead in our Innovation Journey, we will pay attention to trends and technologies that are changing the path we tread.

Innovation Insights

smart hospital

Making The Smart Hospital A Reality

Improving patient outcomes is every hospital’s dream. Today, healthcare institutions are leveraging on big data to also enhance post-hospital care. Read this blog to know more.

Blockchain Beyond Bitcoins

How can businesses in Southeast Asia use blockchain to accelerate their growth? Read this blog and discover the benefits of blockchain beyond Bitcoin.

smart hospital

Transform Healthcare With Future-Facing Technologies

How do you envision the future of healthcare? Read this blog and discover how the digital economy is ushering in a more personalised healthcare for patients using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Digital Transformation Leaders have these 4 traits. Do you have them?

Only 4 traits separate the top 100 companies from the rest of the pack. Here’s how your organisation can do the same.

The Digital Future of Higher Education (Part II)

Universities of the future represent a community and an ecosystem that transcend traditional boundaries. Here are some ways that these institutions are adapting today to redefine the way they work into the future.

Big Data Isn’t Scary

Welcome to the Age of Big Data. We only have to figure out its value for our companies and how can we leverage its multiple possibilities.