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Innovation Insights

4 June 2019

Fueling Collaborations through Innovation

The ability to act on trends is the difference between business success and failure. New digital tools are helping companies respond swiftly to changing business demands and benefit from digital business models. Here’s how organizations can properly integrate innovation within their organizations to ensure rapid upward economic mobility.

Asian startups
21 August 2018

How Asian Startups Drive Digital Disruption

Companies are building multi-cloud environments as part of their digitalisation, IoT, or industry 4.0 initiatives while optimising their local infrastructure costs. But what is the role of Asia’s startups in the era of digital disruption?

4 December 2017

Putting People at the Centre: The CIO’s New Mandate

CIOs are no longer just the technology specialists we know. Today, they are also called on to lead digital transformation that is people-focused and collaboration-driven. Read this blog to know about the CIO’s new mandate in this digital economy.

4 December 2017

Are You in Control of Your Digital Destiny?

How can businesses in Southeast Asia rise to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Embracing digital technology is the key. Read here to know other game-changing insights that can help you drive your company’s digital destiny.

18 May 2017

We Only Have One Boss: Our Customer

It’s no longer a question of making a market for products or services. With the technology now, it’s about understanding our customers better and being creative in order to survive. What do people care about? How can we exceed customer expectations?