Innovation Success

Innovation success is defined less by how much we’ve gained for ourselves than by how much we’ve added for our stakeholders.
Let’s look back at how far we’ve gone...and begin another innovation journey yet again.

Innovation: A CEO Priority

Industry 4.0: Making it Real in Southeast Asia

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Innovation's no longer that throwaway term we know. Read how Southeast Asia is pushing further the innovation envelope,…

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Picking the right technology partner is key to successful innovation. Here's why Lenovo considers SAP as its perfect…

Video: Is Southeast Asia the World’s Rising Star?

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Dynamic and vibrant, Southeast Asia is the land of growth and opportunities. In this video, we discuss about what we love…

Video: Faster Procurement for the World’s Largest Fruit and…

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Discover how Dole Food, one of the world's largest food producers with over 300 products, improved its procurement and…

Video: $1.2 Million in Savings with SAP SuccessFactors

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Hear how Mohawk Industries is unlocking significant annual cost savings with a unified view into HR operations worldwide.