The Future of Data

With tons of data sitting in our systems, how can we make use of our role as CIOs to ensure effective data management practices?
How can we future-proof our business with data and drive business growth?

CIOs: In Control of Business Innovation

Envisioning the Future of Public Transportation in South East Asia

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Customer Engagement In Retail – Not Merely About Customer Experience

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Industry 4.0: Making it Real in Southeast Asia

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Box-Office Superheroes: An Extraordinary Data Story

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Mixed Reality: The New Frontier of Customer Engagement

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While Mixed Reality hasn't gotten a steady footing yet in Southeast Asia, the technology is expected to drive operational…

Making The Smart Hospital A Reality

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Improving patient outcomes is every hospital's dream. Today, healthcare institutions are leveraging on big data to also…

Putting People at the Centre: The CIO’s New Mandate

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Transform Healthcare With Future-Facing Technologies

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A (Big) Data-Driven Approach To Healthcare Innovation

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How to Reach the Anytime, Anywhere Customer

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In our digital age, keeping up with mobile consumers means knowing their needs even before they do. Read this…

Pervasive Customer Insights: A Key Retail Priority

by Chong Mock Seng

Faced with major forces driving unprecedented change, retailers need to find new routes to differentiation.

We Only Have One Boss: Our Customer

by SAP

It’s no longer a question of making a market for products or services. With the technology now, it’s about…

Video: A Better Payment Gateway for PayPal

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Any growing company needs a software solution that grows with it. Learn how a payment service giant has steadily…

Video: McLaren’s Well-Kept Secret To Success

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Winning Grand Prix victories is no fluke. Learn more about the winning partnership of SAP and McLaren Technology Group here.

The Power Of An Insight-Driven Education Institution

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In our digital age, higher learning institutions must tap the power of analytics to improve teaching practices and help…

Video: Panasonic Pushes Customer Intimacy to the Hilt

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Big Data Isn’t Scary

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Is There Such a Thing as Over-Innovating?

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Have we been talking about innovation so much it’s possibly confusing our customers and losing its meaning? Are we in…

Could This Be the Formula Behind Great Business Innovations?

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Innovation may be the very idea why companies are going full-blast with their technology investments. But what does it…

The Digital Future of Retail

by Chong Mock Seng

Digital is redefining retail, and newer business models have to rethink the use of technology in creating and capturing…

The Digital Future of Consumer Products

by Jim Cook

The digital age has fundamentally shifted customer and consumer expectations. Consumers increasingly value outcomes over…

Personalised Medicine: Unleash the Power of Health Data

by Andy David

The era of unparalleled digital connection is offering everyone—patient, healthcare professional, and…

Video: Eastman Chemical’s Digital Transformation

by SAP

Eastman Chemical kicked off its digital transformation with the help of SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP S/4HANA.