The Future of Human Resources

Managing today's workforce requires that we consistently develop the skills of our employees as we embark on our digital transformation. As CHROs, how can we enable a culture of innovation among our team?

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Build a Community of Innovators

The vision of the Innovation Agenda is to give a wide range of perspectives that will help our business stay agile in today's industry. Through this community, we can learn from innovators and thought leaders on how we can turn our employees into digital winners.

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We Only Have One Boss: Our Customer

It’s no longer a question of making a market for products or services. With the technology now, it’s about understanding our customers better and being creative in order to survive. What do people care about? How can we exceed customer expectations?

Overcoming Challenges

Unlock the Power of HR Webinar Series

Your HR can drive business growth.
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Innovation Success

Digital Transformation Leaders have these 4 traits. Do you have them?

Only 4 traits separate the top 100 companies from the rest of the pack. Here’s how your organisation can do the same.

Game Changers

The Digital Future of Higher Education (Part II)

Universities of the future represent a community and an ecosystem that transcend traditional boundaries. Here are some ways that these institutions are adapting today to redefine the way they work into the future.

The Digital Future of Healthcare

Breakthrough technologies such as cloud computing have matured and hit scale together, revolutionising how we approach and provide healthcare.


94% of digital leaders are investing in Big Data and analytics.

Source: “SAP Digital Transformation Study: 4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart,” SAP Center for Business Insight and Oxford Economics, 2017