The Future of Leadership

Keeping up with digital transformation means utilising technology to drive business outcomes and engage customers better. As CEOs, how can we expand our leadership role across areas of digitisation?

Innovation: A CEO Priority

Here in Innovation Agenda, we'll uncover innovation-driven leadership. We'll create spaces for engaging discussions that tackle ways to improve internal and external collaboration, as well as take the necessary steps to upgrade our people's digital capabilities. We'll take part in building a culture where innovation is an urgent need, not an afterthought.

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Overcoming Challenges

Is There Such a Thing as

Have we been talking about innovation so much it’s possibly confusing our customers and losing its meaning? Are we in danger of over-innovating? Is there such a thing as too much innovation?

SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study:

4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart

Innovation Success

Video: A Look At Lenovo’s Simplified Business

Picking the right technology partner is key to successful innovation. Here’s why Lenovo considers SAP as its perfect collaborating partner in accelerating its global growth.

Game Changers


By 2020, 85% of a customer's brand experience will occur without any human interaction.

Source: Centric Digital, How Omni-Channel Customer Experiences Drive Brand Transformation