The Asian Innovation Journey

In this fast-changing internet economy, business leaders must accelerate their innovation to improve company efficiency and enhance customer experience. However, to kick-start and sustain innovation while staying on top of business operations is not easy.

Join us as SAP heads, industry experts, and business leaders share their experiences and insights on their innovation journey in Southeast Asia. Together, we can bank on the opportunities of digital technologies that will make a positive impact on our businesses.

Introducing Our Key Thought Leaders

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Overcoming Challenges

Anytime, Anywhere Customer

How to Reach the Anytime, Anywhere Customer

In our digital age, keeping up with mobile consumers means knowing their needs even before they do. Read this enlightening article to know how your business can ride the next wave of customer experience.

SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study:

4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart

Innovation Success

Video: ZITEC Group Makes People Count

No innovation can truly prosper without people to enable it. Find out how an SAP-powered HR portal has helped ZITEC Group manage its employee lifecycle for a holistic company growth.

Game Changers

The Digital Future of Higher Education (Part II)

Universities of the future represent a community and an ecosystem that transcend traditional boundaries. Here are some ways that these institutions are adapting today to redefine the way they work into the future.


By 2020, 85% of a customer's brand experience will occur without any human interaction.

Source: Centric Digital, How Omni-Channel Customer Experiences Drive Brand Transformation